Dojo Kun refers to the Code of Ethics, Morality and Behaviour required by the students of a traditional dojo.

1.       The dojo is a sacred place where the human spirit is nurtured and polished.

2.       Cultivate the power of Courage in order to control the mind by conditioning the body.

3.       Train Hard and Train Often in honour of our forebears and to preserve and protect the essence of karate-do.

4.       Be respectful of all others.

5.       No matter how you may excel in the art of karate and your scholarship, nothing is more important than your behaviour and your humanity as observed in daily life.

6.       You might not ever Win but you must never Lose.

7.       The Tao of GoJu is to seek a balanced perspective of all matters.

8.    The truest purpose of Karatedo is the pursuit  of An Jin, a mind at peace.