Instructors and Black-belts

Meet our seniors...

Sensei Bernie Alston.  Goju Ryu 7th Dan, Kobudo Yon Dan, Taichi Teacher.     Profession:  Martial Arts Instructor.

 Status:  Married to Trisha 38 years. Father of Danial & Byron aged 33 & Briana aged 28 years. Pappy to Penny, Hazel and Porter. Collingwood supporter.

Likes:  Movies, beer, cooking, partying with family & friends, building, playing guitar, playing footy & cricket with boys. Swimming with Briana.

Favourite movies:  Gallipoli, Pulp Fiction, Legend of the Fall, Aces High, Star Wars.

Favourite Music:  Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Dire Straits, CCR, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix.

Favourite TV:  Midsomer Murders, Foyle's War, Spicks & Specks.

Favourite Acors:  Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Adam Sandler.

Favourite Authors:  Gerald Seymour, Sebastion Faulks, Dave Lowry.

Favourite Sportsman:  Peter McKenna, Peter Daicos, Bill Picken, Steve Waugh.

Dislikes:  Bad Manners, TV Commercials. 


  Sempai David Sellwood. Goju Ryu 3rd Dan. 

    Profession: Dairy Farmer.

  Status:  Married to Angie since 1980. Father

  of Carla, Stephen, Mark, Aiden and

  Caitlin and proud grandfather of Darcie.

  Favourite Music:  Rolling Stones, CCR, INXS,


  Favourite Movies: Predator, Aliens,

  Blues Brothers.

  Favourite Actor: Ronald Reagan  

  (but not for his acting)

  Likes: Having the family at home. Good milk prices. Benediction movies.

  Dislikes: Droughts, Floods, Frosts, Noise, Cows that kick, Sports.



      Sempai Steve Argus. Goju Ryu 3rd Dan.

     Zen Do Kai 2nd Dan.

     Profession: Electrician.  

     Status:  TBA

     Favourite Music:  TBA

     Favourite Movies: TBA

     Favourite Actor: TBA

     Likes: TBA.

     Dislikes: TBA