Kempo Jutsu

‘Old Style’- “Koryu Uchinadi” based Ryukyu Kempo. This is the Ancient fighting system from Okinawa where Karate-do was born. Here we practice close quarter fighting, grappling, pressure point applications, joint and bone manipulations, strangulation and submission.

"The Old Master's Secrets Revealed"

Restored, revived and systemised by Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi 8th Dan, the legacy of Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu can be traced back to China’s Qing Period (1644-1911) Fujian Chinese-based quanfa (kenpo) practices haphazardly introduced and secretly cultivated in Okinawa, during the later part of the old Ryukyu Kingdom.

Originally pursued for its brutally effective defensive applications, Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu is based on the Fujian Chinese-based quanfa (kenpo) disciplines of

 1. Hsing (Kata); the original Chinese defensive paradigms vigorously embraced by men of wealth and position;

 2. Qinna (Torite); techniques of seizing and controlling employed by local law-enforcement officials;

 3. Shuai Chiao (Tegumi); an old Chinese-based method of clinching & grappling practiced by boys and young men of every age;

 4. Tigwa; a plebeian form of percussive impact brought to the island from the Kingdom of Siam.

These practices were synthesized with the existing local defensive practices and were constantly reinterpreted by law-enforcement authorities and like-minded enthusiasts over time.